The CDT in NLP offers unique 4-year PhD that interleaves taught courses with research leading to a doctoral dissertation. Both components run concurrently over four years, with more coursework in earlier years, and more research in later years. This allows students to gradually progress from coursework to independent research, while allowing research to inform learning from the first day, enabling students to immediately apply skills learned in the classroom to their PhD project.

Each student will take a set of courses tailored to complement their existing expertise: Students with previous degrees in computer science or maths will take more linguistics courses, while students with previous linguistics or cognitive background will take more programming and machine learning courses. In the first year, they will also undertake both an individual and group research project with different supervisors, to gain breadth and experience with different working styles.

Students will receive full funding for all four years, plus generous funding for travel, equipment, and research costs.

The CDT brings together researchers in NLP, speech, linguistics, cognitive science, and design informatics from across the University of Edinburgh. Students will be supervised by over 40 world-class faculty and will benefit from cutting edge computing and experimental facilities, including a large GPU cluster and eye-tracking, speech, virtual reality, and visualization labs. The CDT involves over 20 industrial partners, including Amazon, Facebook, Huawei, Microsoft, Mozilla, Reuters, Toshiba, and the BBC. Close links also exist with the Alan Turing Institute and the Bayes Centre.